AZULEJOS PROJECT is a proposition of artisanal ceramic tiles resulting from the cooperation between Letícia Panisset, Brazilian ceramist, and Émilie Renault, French designer.

We combine craftsmanship and contemporaneity, intersecting the meditating pace of artisanal materials and practices with the dynamism of new technologies and graphic concepts. We are concerned with the connection between ceramics and architecture; and interested in the ways in which the ceramic material can help qualify the architectural space.

Our tiles defining quality is their material presence, a concept we borrow from Zumthor, the architect of the Grisons in Switzerland. We work painstakingly for a sort of material justness that is at the base of the interaction of our personal senses and the things –objects and spaces—that surround us. What gives our tiles their special character is this intimate combination of savoir-faire of the ceramic and serigraphy processes, the sensorial nature of the materials, with the play of traditional motifs to create new rhythms of tile compositions.